Let’s talk with Yvonne


Hello Yvonne – how do you do?

Hello Yoana, fine, nice to meet you!

Hope, you have a little time for an interview?

Oh, Yoana, always for you!

OK, Yoana, then we can start !

Let’s do it!

Where are you from Yvonne and where do you live?

I am from Bulgaria and I live there.IMG_8578

Is this the right place for you and where would you like to live?

I love my country and for now I want to live here.

What are your hobbies?

I love to watch fantasy movies. This is my passion.

When did you start surfing the Internet and how did you come the first time on this?

I was may be 10 years old ,when i start to use internet.

How old were you at your first photo shoot?

I was 14 years old.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is blue.

What’s your favorite animal and why?

My favorite animal is a dog. I have one. His name is Jack.

What do you prefer to wear?

I prefer to wear jeans and sneakers, but like every girl I love dresses and high heels too .

IMG_7326Do you like cooking and may I ask what is your favorite food?

Yes ,I love cooking. My favorite food is fish.

Do you have a motto?

The life is a choice and the choice is in you!

What do you wish for in 2017?

Health ,happiness and love!

Yvonne, that sounds good – so i wish you always health and happiness! Thank you, for this nice interview!


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